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Great News From Project Offspring

First off, please excuse this very late update. It was supposed to have been posted on the 28th of June. Sorry about that.

Second, the good news! We have a backer! This means two very good things. 1-Everyone who donated will be getting a full refund and 2-We will not need to do any more fund raising!

Yay and yay!

What does this mean? Well, for those who donated, you should have received an email on the 28th and the 29th of June with full details explaining when you’ll be receiving your refunds and what this means for you. If you donated money but did not receive those emails, please contact us at 

As for the site itself, it’s still on schedule. We’d hoped to start beta testing in September and as of right now, that is still the plan. 

The one major change, is how we’re rolling out the site. Originally, we were going to do beta testing with donors and then do a public launch. Now that we don’t have to raise funding, we are adding a second step. After beta testing with donors but before the public launch, we are going to do a soft launch for Tumblr users only. 

Since the project was born here, it seemed only fair to give Tumblr users the first chance to see the site. We’ll get more into that when the time comes.

For now, a few things you should know-I (Kat) will no longer be the point person on this project. The business end of the deal is all taken care of and the only thing left to do is put the final touches on the site. Yes, I am still very much involved as this is my project. However, I am currently working on another project and that is taking all of my time. The good thing is, there wasn’t much for me to do now that the business end of things has been taken care of.

You can still send questions, concerns, ect to the project offspring email. One of Jonathan’s assistants will be handling emails from this point on. I’m not sure which, so I’ll let them introduce themselves to you when they update.

I am so looking forward to everyone seeing the site! Good times ahead!

Update on Project Offspring

*If you donated to either of the two previous campaigns, you should have received this update in an email on March 1st.

So this is what’s happening: We didn’t get the loan on January 1st like we originally expected. However, we did officially get it in March. (Finally) Better late than never, right? I’ll admit, my heart hurt a little when our plans were pushed back so far. None the less, we are a go! Yay!

As you can imagine, this set back has caused us to push back a couple of other things as well. Two things in particular being the next (hopefully last) fund raiser. It was supposed to start today but we want to have at least two month under our belts before we start. Instead, we will be starting the last fund raiser in May. At this time, we aren’t 100% sure if it will be May 1st or a little later in the month. The other item we are pushing back is the first major email update. [For those that donated to either of the first two fund raisers] We thought we were going to be able to do that today as well but under the circumstances, we are going to have to wait until we are fully into site construction.

Thank you for your patience. I feel like I have been holding breath for two months but I can finally breathe and I encourage all of you to take a big sigh of relief as well! It begins now! Joy!


The End of the Second Campaign

The second Project Offspring fund raiser has officially ended. Last night, there were some last minute donations bringing our total for this campaign up to $280! Don’t be discouraged by the amount. Remember, this brings the total raised from both campaigns to $1,207! Yes, we still have a long way to go and a lot of money to raise but we knew that going in. We are well on our way to a better, more inclusive, social network.

Project Offspring would like to send another thank you to everyone who donated, helped to spread the word and generally kept the motivations high. We appreciate and value every single one of you.

We would like to remind those that donated to either campaign that from here on out, you will receive an email update on the 1st day of each month. Up to this point, those receiving emails were only donors from the first campaign. Starting today, December 1st, everyone who has donated to either campaign will be receiving the email updates. For some of you, today will be the very first update that you’ve received. Please let us know if you donated but did not receive and email update today. All updates will come from the email account.

Our third and final campaign will start on March 1, 2013. We will be back during the last week of February with updates on the campaign as well as a few fun surprises that should be a huge help in getting the word out!

Finally, we would like you to keep in mind that the ads on the side of the page will remain there over the next few months. 100% of all ad revenue will go toward the Project Offspring site and we hope that you will stop by the page every once in a while to help build toward our financial goals. Just like every dollar helps during the fund raising campaign, every click helps us while we are in between campaigns. It’s something small that you can do to help.

We will see you all in a February. 

Thank you again for the continued support of Project Offspring.

4 Hours Left to Donate!

As we near the end of our current fund raising campaign, Project Offspring would like to say thank you to everyone who donated, helped to get the word out and consistently offered ideas and words of encouragement. With each passing day, we are shown how important this site will be. How necessary, as well as how wanted. We look forward to continuing to move forward with this project.

We’ll be back tomorrow for a few reminders and information on the third and final campaign!

Only 14 Hours Left!

We are down to the last fourteen hours of our current campaign. Remember, the more we raise now, the less we have to raise during the next one! Every dollar counts.

Two Days Left to Donate!

There is just over 2 days left but there is still time to donate! Remember, even with the loan, we still need to raise the same amount of money. The more we raise now, the less we have to pay back later.

Every dollar counts. Let’s make this happen.

Project Offspring: 2 More Ways to Help!


There are now two more ways for your to help Project Offspring reach our financial goals! We’ve partnered with Google adsense as well as through their affiliate programs. 

Both are located on the right hand side of this blog! Google adsense pays us for clicking on the ad and pays us for what you purchase.

100% of proceeds will go toward Project Offspring!

Google adsense does not allow us to ask for clicks. Please make sure that if you click on the google ad, you do not do it more than once per day and only if the ad is something you may be interested in looking at. gives us 4% on advertising for whatever you purchase. It won’t cost you any extra! The only thing you’ll have to do is use the search to take you to the site, then shop as usual! Remember, for, we only get paid if you purchase so make sure you’re only using it when you are looking to buy!

Note: The widget takes a second or two to load.

Although we only have a few days left of this campaign, we will be leaving the ads on the side panel for those that would like to continue helping to raise money while we prepare for the final campaign.

How can you help Project Offspring?


“Project Offspring is a grassroots funded social networking site that discourages bigotry but also offers resources to those in need, those in want and those in interest. We’re building a safe place for people that want to be able to freely express themselves. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of bigotry that is overlooked and often encouraged on some of these sites. With Project Offspring, we are hoping to change that.”

There are only 11 days left of the second round of the Project Offspring campaign.

Here are a few ways you can help:

  1. Donate money
  2. Tell everybody
  3. Tweet about it with the #ProjectOffspring tag
  4. Post it on Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, blogspot, etc.
  5. When talking about us, make sure to use the links provided on the campaign page
  6. Traffic counts! Stop by the campaign page as often as you can. 
  7. Follow us on TumblrFacebook or Twitter for updates
  8. Tell everybody (Okay we said this already but it’s important enough to be repeated)
  9. Tell us what you think.
  10. Keep the submissions coming! 

Let’s make this happen!


i finally understand the desperate need for project offspring

the thought of blogging in peace without awful people constantly creeping on you is just beautiful

We can’t wait to make this a reality! Thank you for the support.

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