Project Offspring

Project Offspring: So This is Happening

Who could ever have a problem with a bigot free social site? 


Two weeks ago, I told you about someone saying that they would QUOTE “Make stuff up if they had to” in order to make sure Project Offspring never happened.

That message was laced with racial slurs and disgusting comments. The sender of that message, disappeared into thin air soon after it was sent. However, they may be a part of a group that has made a conscious effort to target the racismschool page as well as the Project Offspring campaign. They’ve even taken credit for saying they would “Make stuff up if they had to.”

Concern for Project Offspring is what I would like to talk to you about now.

They have made it clear that part of their goal is to make sure that the Offspring Project never happens. The blatant lies have begun. Although, I have to be honest, we found this one truly astounding:

Their biggest complaint? Bigots won’t be allowed. According to these people, not allowing bigots, officially makes you a “Hate group?”

This is exactly why this site is so desperately needed.

They’ve spread out right lies and tried to misconstrue information about the Project Offspring campaign on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other sites. 

I replied to all three of these tweets but got no answer.

In this person’s case, it’s a little bit ridiculous to actually link to the campaign if you are going to try to lie about it. The information this person was trying to misconstrue is literally in the link they posted. Goodness gracious! Anyone would know this person was twisting things just by reading it for themselves.

I am asking you to help combat this hate fueled non-sense. Don’t fight with these people. Please, don’t even acknowledge them after this. What I am asking for is much more simple. Let’s beat them at their own game. They spread lies, we will spread the truth. They talk us down, we’ll talk us up. 

This site may not be something everyone wants to be a part of but at the very least, people should make up their own minds. To the bigots that might be reading this, I’ll just ask you to think about one thing- If you felt that you were justified in your actions, why would you have to lie?

Here’s what you can do to help:

Mention Project Offspring on Twitter. Remember to use the #ProjectOffspring tag. You can simply link to the campaign information if you don’t know what to say. Let people see for themselves what this is all about. If you are confident with the project yourself, make tweets that mention the project and/or try to get the attention of people you think might be interested in talking about the project.

Reblog posts from the Project Offspring Tumblr. Are there posts that answer questions you’ve had about the project? Reblog them so others can see them as well. Let people know what it’s about. Let people decide for themselves. Also, if you want to reblog one of the posts with multiple posts connect to them, please use this one. It has the most current information.

Donate one dollar. Ask everyone you know if they would donate one dollar. People love to say that one dollar won’t help. We beg to differ. One dollar, in this case, will do two things. First, it will get us closer to the monetary goal. Second and more importantly, it will be your voice. A voice that says. “This is needed.”

Let’s combat lies with truth. Let’s combat bigotry by saying “We are moving on without you.” Let’s make this happen.

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